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2017 Autumn - Yangjiazhai Gushu

When we were first taste-testing this tea, one of us asked "Where's Yangjiazhai?", a Chinese tea friend said, "It's near Wangong."

I was about to start considering what that really means - 'ancient tea trees near Wangong'. Before I had another second, I was immediately informed, "This tea is sold as Wangong to other tea sourcers." I turn my thoughts to how much this tea is worth in the current market, 2017, as we had to pay a pretty penny for Wangong material from the original ancient trees. We turn our attention back to the tea...

Drinking it today, I don't want to waffle on about this tea, just feeling relaxed and happy to have this tea.

From the first steeps, the tea soup was beautiful. It had depth of aroma and flavour, and held up well over 20 steeps with long-lasting aroma, huigan and salivation. The cha qi was good, although more relaxed and prolonged compared the Wangong that I've had before - our other Wangongs have me breaking out into sweat within the first two steeps.

Unfortunately, we didn't get very much of this tea, so only a few cakes available. No doubt we'll be looking to see if the Spring brings a good quality and price.


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