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If you have any questions about what we do, our products or wholesale enquiries, please leave a message and we'll get back to you soon. 

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If interested in any of the services below, please Contact Us with your requirements and shipping method so that I can provide a free consultation/quotation. 
Wholesale - Yiwu teas

We currently offer our own range of premium quality teas from Yiwu, with a speciality in old or ancient arbour Puer.  Our wholesale network has been Puer from all over Mengla region and currently provide a wide selection of maocha to a wide range of companies in China, including some very well-known brands in the Puer world.  We also produce black tea and white tea, although currently only available through pre-order.  We now also provide plantation or small tree productions on pre-order only.



Sourcing Services   

With contacts in large companies such as Dayi (a.k.a. Menghai Tea Factory), Fengqing tea Factory, CNNP (a.k.a. Zhongcha or Chinatea), Xiaguan, Laotongzhi (a.k.a. Haiwan Tea Factory), and many others, we are able to source verified teas at local wholesale market prices.  Our Puer network also expands beyond Yiwu and Mengla as we connect directly with Puer farmers and wholesalers across all major areas of Yunnan.  Also, we have access to almost every kind of tea though our wholesale market network whether green, white, black, or fermented (黑) teas.  As we do not stock these teas in our own warehouse, availability is only checked on request and samples can be arranged at cost price.



Shipping Agent Services 

If you are planning to buy tea from different online sources, then it's generally more convenient and cheaper to combine and ship the packages together from a good shipping location such as Guangzhou.  From Guangzhou, we are able to receive, repackage and ship your teas to your provided location. 


For this service, please provide direct links to the products you wish to purchase with details on quantity and preferred shipping method.  We'll provide a quote to confirm before finalizing the order.  The total price is calculated as follows: 


(product cost + internal shipping cost + external shipping cost) plus 10% service charge.


The service covers international transfer rate, currency exchange, and manpower.  Please note that the minimum service fee is $10 and payment via Paypal is standard.

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