You know you are a Chinese tea fanatic when...

How many of these descriptors are accurate for you? Would you consider yourself a fellow tea fanatic?

(Just a bit of fun - not to be taken too seriously!)

You know you are a tea fanatic when...

  1. You know all six different types of generic tea classifications

  2. You know the difference between a tea and tisane

  3. You can state more than five potential benefits of drinking tea but remember to note that different teas affect people differently

  4. You use gongfu-method to brew your tea (and know what people mean by grandfather-brewing method)

  5. You are able to name more than ten sub-categories of tea in addition to longjing and tieguanyin

  6. You ask about the terroir, age of tree, altitude and season of your tea leaf (and reconsider buying from a vendor if they don't know)

  7. You know when a tea is 'over-brewed'

  8. You always have more than 10 different teas available in your tea cupboard

  9. You buy more tea than you will drink, because you will actively share your tea

  10. You actively seek teas with huigan and chaqi, not just the aroma and initial taste


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