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Yiwu Gushu - 2012 Spring

Updated: Nov 4, 2017

Yiwu Gushu - Spring 2012, 380 gram cake.

Six months of storage as maocha, then straight from the factory to be stored in GZ for over 5 years. The latter humid storage has helped age the cake naturally while keeping the clean aromas of the original raw material. You can see the change of colour already.

Very little bitterness left in these leaves as the cake has matured very nicely. Calming earthy/forest aromas that aren't overwhelming. Super clean liquor with a slight caramel sweetness on the tongue and long, lingering sweetness in the throat. Cha qi is a nice balance of calming and refreshing, although definitely more on the calming side. It holds it's flavour well and any further storage time is not necessary for this cake.

Only 40 cakes left.

This would be considered an easy drink and the age is just about right for this tea - this would easily be my recommendation for a chilled out mid-autumn festival tea-time with friends and family or a good, safe introduction to Yiwu for newer drinkers.

Note: I'd advice the more adventurous Puer drinkers should try the single village gushus instead.

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