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Why is Yiwu Mountain Puer tea popular?

Is it because of the long history? Is it because it's one of the few regions that has been committed to continue using traditional hand-processing techniques? Is it because plantations are limited to previously unused areas so that old arbor trees can continue to thrive? Is it because the roads to this famous area have improved ten-fold in the last ten years? Is it because of growth of the Chinese middle-class and 'tuhao'-class? Or is it because it popular because people have decided to invest in the area?

I would guess that all of these factors contribute to the popularity of Yiwu Mountain Puer tea. As the Puer tea market matures by bring attention (and price rises) to different areas of Puer producers each year, Yiwu continues to need little introduction amongst seasoned Puer drinkers. With a rich history connected to royal families and emperors, ancient trees hidden in nearly impossible areas to access, low production of hand-made old-tree material and ever-increasing demand for the highest quality teas, only one thing is definitely true: the taste and depth of Yiwu tea is special. Have you had your cup of Yiwu today?

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