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2018 Sheng Olympiad, Steepster & A Special Offer

Liquid Proust has announced that Yiwu Mountain Tea will be included in the lineup of the upcoming 2018 Sheng Olympiad! Details direct from Liquid Proust on Steepster here:

I'm extremely excited to be a part of this event as it will help us achieve our goal of sharing pure Yiwu tea with the world.

The budget was tight, even with my own monthly marketing budget added. This means we'll be focusing on sharing accessible teas, as well as one 'off the menu' tea, with the Olympiad participants, rather than the premium region gushus. That actually a good thing, as everyone involved will have a good reference point before deciding whether deciding a more unique tea that comes at a higher price point is worthwhile. I would say yes, but that's my personal opinion. :)

Talking about opinions, my presence on Steepster has been very limited due to the fact that our company has historically focused on the Chinese market. Opening our website has allowed us to further reach our goal to share Yiwu tea with tea lovers across the globe but the reviews are an important part of sharing our teas. However, it's not my amateur attempts at reviewing my own products that people want, so we need you guys to share your reviews and comments on Steepster (and everywhere else!).

If you're already holding onto some nice Yiwu tea from our website, please go ahead and put your reviews up on Steepster. How about this for an incentive, do this before the end of November, share on Facebook and tag me, and I'll select three of the lucky reviewers who tagged me to receive three extra unique samples on their next order. By unique, I mean they won't be on the website nor part of the Olympiad. You can't ever have enough rare Yiwu tea, right? :D

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