Our Yiwu qiaomu branded teas are from the 70-100 year old range and provide a great entry point for people new to Yiwu tea.  Each year is blended from good quality base material from several different regions.


Without going to the complexity and rarity of gushu material, our arbor tree blends highlight the soft, aromatic teas that have a pleasant sweetness to them.  The fresh teas are very light on bitterness and emphasize the fruity or flowery aroma while the Guangzhou aging bring outs the underlying complexity of the tea within a few years.


Update & Photos - 14 Oct 2017

This blend has been aged nicely in Guangzhou. 


The sweet aroma is clearly present with notes of honey.  The liquor brews a beautiful deep, bright golden yellow.  Initial brews emphasize notes of forest, wet wood, and fresh, clean mushroom.  The broth is syrupy, with a full body that leaves a lingering sweetness on the back of the tongue and throat.  The cha qi is warm and refreshing without being too strong.  There's not much bitterness left in these leaves making this very easy to brew and enjoy. 


Using grandfather-style brewing can bring out a thick, bittersweet broth full of flavor and complexity.


This tea is our current bestseller at the physical shop due to it's balance of body and flavour, not to mention great value for money.  If you're looking for a daily Puer, this will be the perfect addition to your collection. 


Consider also trying one of our Gushus (i.e. Gaoshan or Wangong) or our Gushu explorer pack for puer tea that has that added complexity and long lasting flavour - recommended for gong-fu style brewers only.

Yiwu Early Spring Arbor Tree (易武早春乔木) - 2012 Spring (380g cake)

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