Yiwu Wild Spirit comes from an area where the tea trees have grown without human supervision.  It's estimated that the seeds were spread across the area at least two generations ago and only a selection of the trees matured amongst the natural rainforest growth.  As a result, the area is relatively harder to harvest and the resulting tea has much more 'wild' character.  We imagine this is much closer to what Yiwu tea must have tasted like when it was first discovered.


Tasting notes:  This was selected as part of the 2018 Sheng Olympiad and relevant tasting notes on Steepster are located here:


Yiwu Wild Spirit 2017 Spring (200g loose leaf)

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Yunnan, Xishuangbanna, Mengla County, Yiwu Gaoshan Village


C36, 443 Fangcun Dadao Zhong, Guangzhou, Guangdong

广东省广州市芳村大道中443号C36当, 易武高山友益茶坊

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