3 samples included, 20g each, totaling 60g. 

1) Chawangshu Gushu 2017 Autumn 

2) Gaoshan Gushu 2017 Autumn

3) Wangong Gushu 2017 Autumn


This sample pack contains some of the best autumn productions made in 2017.  The depth of flavour, aroma, chaqi and huigan relative to each terroir is perfectly clear.  Despite being autumn productions, the quality is superb and even the most experienced drinkers will be able to appreciate how well these productions compare.


Brewing suggestions: 1g per 10ml, flash steeps with 95+ degrees Celsius water for first 6-8 steeps, start increasing steep time if a particular steep seems light in flavour based on your own preferences.  Rest between steeps to savour the flavour and returning sweetness/lasting aroma.

Yiwu 2017 Autumn Premium Sampler Pack (60g, 3x20g)

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  • We highly recommend starting with gongfu style brewing using 7-8 grams of tea in a 100ml gaiwan.


    Our own preferred style of brewing is 8-10 grams tea, 100ml gaiwan, flash steeping with boiling water to start and increasing the brewing time according to strength of taste.


    If, for any reason, you are brewing broken leaves instead of whole leaf, we recommend increasing the water to tea ratio - 20 to 25ml per gram, as broken leaves release flavour much more quickly than whole leaf.  Expect stronger bitterness and astringency than typical, especially in the first few steeps.  Also, longevity will also be reduced so expect flavour to lighten up after less steeps.

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