This is an educational sample pack with special discounts applied.  Limited availability.


This sample pack is represents a good range of pure Yiwu products produced with high quality.  It is a very accessible set of teas, especially good for those relatively new to Puer and/or Yiwu.  If you are relatively new to tea, this pack will help you learn more about specific characteristics of different Yiwu productions.  If you are a more experienced tea drinker, you will still be able to learn more about our company products, clean Guangzhou ageing, and likely experience nuances about mouthfeel, cha qi and huigan, especially when compared to blended or non-Yiwu products.


6 samples included, 20g each, totaling 120g. 

1a) 2015 Yiwu Gushu Huangpian (likely to contain broken leaves due to tight compression)

1b) 2005 Yiwu Gushu Huangpian (likely to contain broken leaves due to tight compression)
2a) 2016 Yiwu Qiaomu

2b) 2012 Yiwu Qiaomu 

3a) 2017 Yiwu Gushu

3b) 2010 Yiwu Gushu


By trying these teas in this order, one should be able to clearly percieve ageing differences among the teas which have been sourced and blended from the same region/quality.  It's also possible to taste the differences between Qiaomu, Gushu and the related Huangpian.


Brewing suggestions: 1g per 10ml, flash steeps with 95+ degrees Celsius water for first 6-8 steeps, start increasing steep time if a particular steep seems light in flavour based on your own preferences.  Rest between steeps to savour the flavour and returning sweetness/lasting aroma.


Pictures were taken in 2017 during different days/times.  Tea liquor colour will also vary due to further ageing.


Note that we also range of single estate Gushu productions that highlight the nuances of different areas in the Yiwu mountain range even further.  There are variations in terroir which further affect the nuanced traits and the gushu trees produce leaves that are able to highlight the traits of their terroir.  The Gushu Explorer packs are recommended for more experienced drinkers of Puer wanting to learn about these differences.

Yiwu Ageing Sampler Pack 2017 (120g, 6x20g)

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  • We highly recommend starting with gongfu style brewing using 7-8 grams of tea in a 100ml gaiwan.


    Our own preferred style of brewing is 8-10 grams tea, 100ml gaiwan, flash steeping with boiling water to start and increasing the brewing time according to strength of taste.


    If, for any reason, you are brewing broken leaves instead of whole leaf, we recommend increasing the water to tea ratio - 20 to 25ml per gram, as broken leaves release flavour much more quickly than whole leaf.  Expect stronger bitterness and astringency than typical, especially in the first few steeps.  Also, longevity will also be reduced so expect flavour to lighten up after less steeps.

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