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This year, we bought and processed fresh leaves from Tianmenshan trees.  The leaves have to be processed in a local processing unit since it is too far to bring the leaves back to our main processing units in central Yiwu.  The leaves in this batch are from trees in the same patch of land as the famed 'Gaogan' trees.   

For those that are unfamiliar with Tianmenshan, it is located at the northern-most area of Yiwu, bordering Laos.  The terroir shows a more unique, lasting aroma with fresh tea showing off wild orchid aromas.  The liquor is particularly viscous, noticably fuller bitterness and has stronger qi than most Yiwu productions.  


It's worth noting that fresh Tianmenshan (single tree) gushu leaves are now on par in popularity and price with other 'Gaogan' (tall/towering tree) productions.  In fact, many of the people paying for the fresh single tree leaves are newer buyers who process the leaves differently from us.

Tianmenshan 2019 Spring (50g)

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