Mansong is a region famous for it's small Gushu garden which was produced tea reserved for the Emperor.  As the popularity of Puer rises, the Gushu prices of famous regions like Mansong have skyrocketed.  However, this production is made from 30-70 year old tea trees from the same mountain and is sourced from relatives.  Despite being cheaper to source, the tea loses nothing in flavour with a very well-balanced, outstanding flavour profile and extremely strong cha qi.


My family pressed this Spring tea into cakes in October 2017 and there is very limited stock made available (6 kilos).  I am very happy to say that I was successful in reserving this production for our retail purpose.


It is our philosophy to let customers experience the quality for themselves.  It is in the journey of exploring tea that one can better appreciate the qualities that one likes most and enjoy the unique pleasures of drinking high quality Puer teas that evolve over time.


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Mansong 曼松 2017 Spring (200g cake)

£257.37 Regular Price
£154.42Sale Price
  • As with all our small cake productions, this is made from limited high-grade gushu and can be brewed gongfu style around 20-40 times with short infusions.  We would highly recommend using the gongfu style and sharing with friends to make the most of these limited stock teas.

  • Please note that we do not offer any return or refund.

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